‘It was really great to catch up again and as always your knowledge and experience is a positive and asset to any business. I really appreciate your help and knowledge, thank you so much’
CK (Life Coach)

‘I had hit a brick wall and thought I was beyond help. Gary has opened up so many doors and I now feel really confident in where to go next with my business ideas!’
RP (Healthcare)

‘Found advice to be very useful, in depth and very accurate’
JP (Plastering Business)

‘I have now had an appointment with Gary which has helped me understand the steps I will need to follow. It has been extremely motivational and helpful and has given me the confidence to go the next step. Thank you!’
SP (Counselling Business)

‘Very helpful advice on setting up my own business. Useful info on where to find information. Great assistance in where to start.’
JA (Green Energy Business)

‘Great advice and opportunity to bounce ideas. Also great reassurance that we are on the right path’
RP (Specialist Advisory Services)

‘Encouraging, motivating, informative’
OS (Copywriting Services)

‘Fantastic advice, I found the meeting invaluable. Thank you’’
YD (Life Coach)

‘Gary was extremely helpful with creating a plan of action for the future and has been very motivational’
AF (Transport Business)

‘Really helpful, good sounding board’
FF (Fitness Business)

‘Information was provided in a way that motivated and calmed! Gary helped me focus on the basics instead of running too far too soon. Clearly this is an excellent way to start your business – everyone should meet a Mentor before starting a business’
BS (Charity)

‘Top advice, can’t wait for the next meeting’
EB (Locksmith)

‘Gained vast knowledge and growing confidence from his advice. Our meeting today has again been extremely informative, re-assuring and positive and we are looking forward to the future’
MA (Recruitment)

‘He has been excellent, very helpful and provided some great ideas regarding my business. He has crystallised my thought and enabled me to go forward’
JG (Garden Services)

‘Gary came across as very informative, also gave me confidence to go ahead with my venture. Lots of information, lots of helpful advice. All in all worth the time spent with him. Helped enormously’
MB (Property Services)

‘I think it’s time to get the kettle back on for another coffee as I could do with another review meeting since my idea has been more streamlined and would appreciate your feedback’
SY (Office Support Business)

‘Very good advice, priceless and will help me no end, very helpful’
LS (Retail)

‘Some excellent information received. Gave me some points to think about and warm and welcoming. Thanks for the advice’
BM (Delivery Services)

‘Very helpful, informative, clear and well presented’
KB (Property Maintenance)

‘Gary was very good at listening and giving the advice that was needed. He was very clear and helpful and helped me to prioritise what I needed to do. I left feeling more confident and understanding what I needed to do’
AG (Retail)

‘Absolutely excellent advice, much to think over. Thank you Gary’
JH (Design & Draughtsman)

‘I would just like to thank you Gary for such an informatively rich session’
HF (Tiling & Property Maintenance)

‘Very helpful and very friendly’
WS (Environmental and Re-cycling Business)

‘I wish to thank you for a very enlightening session. I came away with a renewed focus on what I need to do to set up and run my business. I will certainly call on your guidance in the future’
LH (Planning Consultancy)

‘Information good, explained steps to take and I feel I have a better understanding of business and what I should do’
SB (Building Maintenance)

‘Very helpful and re-assuring, simplified problems and set my mind at rest’
CH (Healing)

‘Really helpful first steps. We will return! Thanks ‘
MB (Educational Training)

‘Very helpful feedback on our issues. Very friendly and helpful advice and inspired confidence’
LC (Home & Garden Services)

‘Gary helped me through some questions and thoughts I had and helped me see a clear and positive way ahead. I came into the meeting with not understanding clearly how you could help and now feel the positive help given has had a great impact on me and the way forward’
SD (Charity)

‘Gary has been very helpful and put my mind at rest. I feel much more ready to start enjoying my new business’
MS (Holistic Therapy)

‘Very helpful, great to talk to’
PF (Building services)

‘Gary has been very informative and helpful. He has motivated me into taking the next step’
SH (Counselling)

‘Gary has made me feel at ease, given me the confidence that I am aiming in the correct way and given me the tools with which to proceed. Thank you’
MH (Catering)

‘Good feedback. Positive constructive look at my profile and documents. Help with marketing aspects ‘
JN (Introduction Service)

‘Information was very helpful, really enjoyed it, was very useful, made easy to understand. Gave me confidence to go ahead’
CC (Commercial Cleaning Business)

‘I don’t think this can be improved upon. Advice was comprehensive, plentiful but not overwhelming. Atmosphere was kindly and easy’
NM (Therapist)

‘Very interesting and important meeting. I do need to clarify ideas and this is definitely helping with that. Thank you Gary for your time and expertise. You’ve been really helpful’
MD (Interior Design Business)

‘Fantastic advice and lots of helpful information and ideas. Looking forward to getting started now I know where to look for further advice and information’
GB (Commercial Photography)

‘Great help with creating a picture of the problems and solutions that I can expect on my way to open my own business. Thank you for all your help’
JG (Specialist Food)

‘Very impressed. Covered all questions. A good Pro’
AS (Leisure Industry)

‘Very good advice on the value of creating professional relationships. An encouraging approach’
GS (Logistics & Distribution)

‘Thanks again for your valuable time last week, you reminded me of what I’ve been missing and what I love doing. When I’m able to combine my hobby with my love of business I’ll be unstoppable!
JT (Microbrewery)

‘Thanks for your very informative email. I have started to utilise the resources and am confident that I will be able to successfully start my business’
LH (Planning consultancy)

‘Thank you for being an excellent sounding board I found it really helpful and reassuring that I’m doing all the right things. Best wishes and thanks again’
FF (Fitness Business)

If you want to take control and find out more on how we can help to move you and your business forward contact us today