Case Studies

Textiles Manufacturing –Cash Flow and Workload

The owner of a small Textiles Manufacturing business in Leicester was struggling to cope with his workload, working hours and cash flow problems which were impacting on his personal and family life. This had resulted in a lack of enthusiasm, frustration and energy levels. Mentoring gave him the opportunity to stand back, take stock and look at possible solutions to his situation. Working on resolving the operational, administrative and financial demands on a step by step basis resulted in a more structured approach which allowed him to improve his work/life balance and increase his motivation.

Food and Catering Equipment business – Feedback and Performance

A newly appointed Managing Director of an established Food and Catering Equipment Business in Northamptonshire was keen to work with an experienced Mentor for independent, reliable and professional support that he could access on a regular basis to test his ideas and management performance. Working together on a monthly basis we discussed the pressures and demands placed on him, explored the opportunities and dealt with any issues as they occurred. The resulting relationship provided him with the real benefits of having someone to confide in who was objective and honest in their feedback and supported the development of his management skills

Stonework and Building Company– Time Management

The owner of an established Retail/Wholesale, stone work surfaces and building business in Nottingham was disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of progress in how the business had developed. He was experiencing stress over the demands, workload and his lack of control over the hours he was working. The client was pleased to be able to share his concerns and talk through his options to improve his situation. We explored various options that the client had identified and worked through them to arrive at an agreed course of action which would better manage his workload, set a clear work structure and improve his time management and work/life balance.

Automotive Engineering Company – Exit Strategy

The Owner Manager of an established East Midlands Automotive Engineering business, looking to plan an exit strategy, required a sounding board for feedback on his ideas and options. We worked together to arrive at an acceptable way to progress after investigating the different possibilities available and the likely impact on family members and senior staff. A course of action was identified that satisfied the owner’s retirement objectives and an acceptable succession strategy.

Commercial Cleaning Products Business -Staff Development

The Managing Director of a successful Midlands based company in the Commercial Cleaning Products sector, with concerns over the performance of his Sales Director and his relationship with fellow Directors, was keen for him to work with a Mentor to resolve personal issues around his workload and responsibilities that were impacting on his working relationships. We successfully identified the core problem and resolved the situation, after initial defensiveness and concerns over confidentiality issues, by gaining his trust and re-assuring him that Mentoring was a one-to-one relationship and that confidentiality between the two parties was paramount.

Industrial Machine Parts Distributor- Manage Change

The Sales Director of a Leicestershire based Industrial Machine Parts distributor, with concerns over his future progression to MD, his ability and confidence to manage the transition and the extra demands and responsibilities of the role, sought a Mentor to support him to adapt to the change. We acted as a confidential sounding board to explore his concerns, confront and overcome his perceived limitations and develop his confidence and self-belief.

Independent Hotel – Marketing Strategy

We helped the owner of an independent Hotel near Derby, with many years’ experience in the Leisure and Hospitality sector, to think more strategically and explore her options to develop and grow the business. Discussions were made around marketing and promotion to improve the turnover and profitability of the business. The client’s commitment to a clear set of actions resulted in her developing and explaining a clear and confident strategy to her Marketing Agency.

Professional Practice – Strategy for Growth

We acted as an objective sounding board, to give feedback and direction, to the partner in a Professional Law firm near Northampton who was looking to grow the practice through a more commercial approach, and position the business to take advantage of future opportunities. We supported the client to gain awareness and understanding of commercial methods and the availability and sourcing of specialist help.

’New Start’ – Commercial Awareness and Business Skills

The Partner responsible for sales and administration in a husband and wife ‘new start’ specialist Property Maintenance and Construction business in Nottinghamshire, who had very little commercial experience, was looking for a Mentor to give guidance and support to develop her business knowledge and skills. We acted as a source of information and guidance to develop her confidence and ability to manage and plan the business successfully.

Landowner Farmer –Clarity and Decision Making

A Landowner/Farmer in Lincolnshire involved in the part-ownership of the ‘family farm’ with his estranged brother had lost confidence and was unsure of his future direction and plans. His wife had suggested it would be useful for him to work with a Mentor who could act as an objective partner to provide independent honest feedback, explore options and choices, and identify a course of action and direction. Access to an alternative point of view and different perspective gave him fresh enthusiasm and motivation, and allowed him to recognise his potential, make use of his resources and think positively about future opportunities.

Professional Design Practice– Exit and Succession Planning

The owner of a highly successful Architects practice in Derbyshire wanted a Mentor to act as a sounding board to explore his plans for the future and the development of junior staff with a view to identifying a clear succession strategy. Highly professional with a priority to continue his Design philosophy within the practice he needed someone who could relate to and understand his passion and enthusiasm for his profession.

Office Furniture and Supplies Business– Future Strategy

A Partner in small established family Office Furniture and Supplies company in south west Leicestershire was looking to expand the customer base and improve her business skills, she wanted to work with a Mentor to develop a strategic plan, manage her workload and keep her focused on the future development of the business. Regular meetings allowed her to arrive at a clear, focused vision of what she wanted from the business and a plan of how to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Local Charity – Commercial Awareness

The Director of a local Charity in Northampton faced with managing a reduction of grant income was looking for support and guidance to investigate alternative forms of raising funds and creating an independent income stream. She was keen to explore a more commercial approach and after discussing the initial concerns and fears she had for the future, we arrived at a strategy which helped her to recognise the opportunities available and gave her the enthusiasm and reassurance to positively meet the challenges she faced.

Sales, Marketing, SEO and Web Design Company– Commercial inexperience and isolation

A small Sales, Marketing, SEO and website design business in Loughborough with an inexperienced owner wanted to access advice, guidance and support to develop a greater commercial awareness and understanding. Found working on his own with very little contact outside the business very isolating which impacted on his confidence and ability to focus. The client suffered from a loss of enthusiasm and negativity towards the future growth prospects and direction of the business. He benefited from access to an interested ‘partner’ who could give him objective feedback and a different perspective on his situation. After analysis of the business structure and identifying options to develop the business he felt motivated and excited about the future possibilities.

Retail Hair and Beauty Business– Business Turnround and Profitability

The owner manager of a well-established retail Hair and Beauty business in Lincolnshire was very concerned and worried about the future viability of her business. Although the business had previously been successful she was experiencing increased competition and the business was suffering from a lack of ideas and investment. She was fearful of the financial implications and felt isolated. Working with a Mentor resulted in her re-gaining her confidence, motivation and interest. We were able to consolidate the situation and rationally look at options to re-finance and develop the future profitability and success of the business.

Professional Services and Training Consultant – Sales Skills and Development

A Customer Services and Training Consultant in Rutland, although very commercially astute and professionally competent, felt uncomfortable with the prospect of cold calling and the sales process. He was very concerned at the impact this could have on the future success of the business. He worked with his Mentor to develop an approach and method that he felt at ease with and which gave him the ability to manage his fears and increase his confidence and self-belief.

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