Welcome to Addison Smith

The demands and pressures on business owners and managers to perform in today’s commercial environment have never been greater.The need to make clear decisions, move the business forward, keep staff motivated and the bills paid is never ending. We can lose sight of our original vision and objectives.

Sometimes we need to take a breath, stand back and look at the bigger picture, re-assess where we are, find some answers and identify a clear direction.

This can be more difficult than it sounds and can need the support of an objective partner, somebody who is interested but impartial, understands the difficulties and can instinctively empathise with you, someone who has experienced the ups and downs and has the insight to help you in a practical way through their guidance, support and encouragement to achieve your aims.

We all need and benefit from an external, objective and independent voice, someone who can challenge your thinking and offer a fresh perspective. Someone who can help you to identify the priorities, explore alternatives and help you to focus on actions and results. Someone who recognises that we need to find the right balance if we are to achieve fulfilling lives, perform to our best and create successful businesses. Let us help you to achieve this.

  • Think strategically and plan for the longer term
  • Develop business knowledge and skills
  • Explore and identify opportunities
  • Identify and resolve problems and concerns
  • Provide an objective sounding board and fresh perspective
  • Support your confidence, self-belief and motivation
  • Development of managers and staff
  • Succession and exit planning
  • Clarity, direction, focus and decision making
  • Manage change
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Work / Life balance
  • Business awareness, information, expertise and resources

This is your opportunity to take control, explore the options, set clear objectives and make things happen.

If you want to take control, find out more or arrange a free no obligation meeting on how we can help to move you and your business forward contact us today